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We have set our own position in the tobacco industry to source quality tobacco, exceptional blending, and cigar rolling skills. We offer a large selection of unique proprietary brands of premium hand rolled cigars for your enjoyment.

  • Bell's Cola de Elegante

  • Bell's Escalade GTX

  • Bell's Ugly Duckling

  • Bell's Jazzy Q - Maduro and Natural

  • Bell's Ménage A Trois

If you're looking for cigar blends that can stand up against any

national brand in performance, look no further than Bell's House of Tobacco.


With the help and feedback from our guest, we use exceptionally cured and aged tobaccos to create our line of cigars. You can always rely on our knowledgeable staff to help you find the perfect cigar for yourself or as a gift for

someone special.

Browse our

cigar collection when you stop by today.

12123 Montgomery Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 45249

  • The Vortex by Bell's

  • The Odyssey by Bell's

  • Bell's Jamaican Rum

  • Bell's French Cognac

Exquisite and Unique hand rolled cigars

Mouthwatering cigars

Top-rated cigar blends

“Awesome smokes! Bell's brand is superb, two thumbs up. Smooth and to the point”

- Mike Brown

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Great-Tasting Cigars

Get the best flavor from our premium cigars

Ugly ducking

Bell's Ugly Duckling

Wrapper, Binder, & Filler: Honduran

Medium body, with complex notes of wood and sweet spices, building on the nice wood tones as it finishes.

Escalade GTX

Bell's Escalade GTX

A Ecuadorian Habano wrapper surrounds a Corojo binder and is filled with the extra flavors of the Dominican and Hondu-

ran tobaccos.


This cigar opens smooth with loads of

spicy flavor. For a short interlude the fla- vor intensifies and then marries well for a mellow medium to full-bodied smoke.

Great draw. Complimented well by a scotch, bourbon, spiced rum.

The GTX= Great Taste and Xtra Flavor

Jazzy Q

Bell's Jazzy Q

A beautiful double wrapper cigar. The blend of the Connecticut Shade and the Connecticut Broad Leaf Maduro wrapper combine to create sweet robust flavors of chocolate and pepper. A firm draw, with a medium smoke. Excellent with a variety of beverages.

Jazzy Q Straight Natural and Maduro

Bell's Jazzy Q Maduro

A beautiful Maduro cigar. The cigar is balanced to create sweet robust flavors of chocolate and pepper. A firm draw, with a medium smoke.

Bell's Jazzy Q Natural

A golden Connecticut shade cigar. The blend of the Connecticut Shade wrapper has sweet woody flavors and a firm draw, with a medium smoke.

menage a trois

Bell's Menage A Trois

The Ménage A Trois I is a perfect three some. The Ménage A Trois has three distinct wrappers surrounding its Nicaraguan fillers and binder. The cigar opens with a Connecticut shade wrapper which produces a mild to medium level of flavor, with tones of wood, and earthy smoke. The Ecuadorian sun grown habano wrapper which follows, provides for a "cubanest" smoke full of sweet vanilla tones and sweet spices. When you arrive

at the 10 year old Nicaraguan Madura wrapper your mouth will burst with elements of chocolate.


The Ménage A Trois II is a perfect reversal

The vortex The odyssey Jamaican rum French cognac cola de elegante

The Vortex by Bell's

The Vortex uses ligero tobaccos from three special regions of

Nicaragua. Ligero Tobaccos from the Estelí, Jalapa and

Condega regions of Nicaragua are combined and dressed in a beautiful Habana Criollo wrapper.


The beautiful Habana Criollo wrapper swirls with flavor

when combined with the three regions ligero filler and binder. You may swirl also.


Upon lighting you will experience a kick, which will level off

to a load of smooth flavors containing no bite.

The Odyssey by Bell's

This super smooth and complex cigar will take you on your own Odyssey of flavors. When you ignite this cigar you will think you have started a Padron 1926 Maduro, with its complex spices roll- ing on your palate. But the journey will have just begun. The flavors will transition to the complex and rare black cherry tones of the Fuente Anejo. And you are still not done with the journey, as the cigar levels off to a smooth light spicy finish.



Bell's Jamaican Rum

Critical to this endeavor was to not have the tobaccos fight with the flavor.


For Bell's Jamaican Rum we use a Nicaraguan

raised Natural Habano Wrapper. The Bell's Jamaican Rum cigar was then filled and bound using tobaccos from the Estelí and Jalapa region. Of the three tobacco growing regions of Nicaragua, Estelí produces full-flavored tobacco, Jalapa tobacco is sweeter and Condega falls somewhere in between the other two. The cigars were soaked in rum bring into the tobacco both the full experience of the beverage into the cigar. We then aged the cigars together with the rum and or Cognac to achieve a beautifully balanced result.

Bell's French Cognac

Bell's French Cognac cigar uses a Habano Criollo Broad Leaf wrapper, with fillers and binders from the Condega and Jalapa regions to achieve a balance with the premium French cognac. The cigars were soaked in rum and soaked in cognac bring into the tobacco both the full experience of the beverage into the cigar. We then aged the cigars together with the rum and or

Cognac to achieve a beautifully balanced result.

Bell's Cola De Elegante

A cigar of superior distinction. Bell's Cola de Elegante is a cigar that commands attention with its unique and flawless construction. Well aged Nicaraguan tobaccos are blended with precision to create a cigar for the keen connoisseur that is both bold and sophisticated. With fillers from Estelí Nicaragua and a binder from the lush Jalapa Valley and a Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian wrapper, the Cola de Elegante is oozing with mouth-watering flavors of cream and luxurious spices that are sparked by slight but lively hints of leather, oak, and pepper to create a full-bodied smoke without harsh or bitter undertones.

The clean white ash emerges from the burn, lasting from beginning to a glorious finish.

“Thanks Evette, for being so friendly and helpful on my first visit to Bell's House of Tobacco. Mr. Quinlan was spot on in his recommendation of your wonderful shop and the Ugly Duckling (Churchill size in my case) cigars. I'm so glad I decided on the whole bundle. I'll smoke 'em and be back for more! Thanks again.”

- Tymothy Bodhi Halsey