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When you want to purchase top-quality cigars made by some of the leading brands in the industry, choose Bell's House of Tobacco. Our knowledgeable staff is up-to-date with current and future tobacco and tobacco product trends, so you can always count on us to find the best cigar that matches your needs.

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  • Acid

  • Ashton

  • Aturo Fuente

  • AVO

  • CAO

  • Diamond Crown

  • Excalibur

We believe that the only way to experience the taste of a cigar, as promised by the manufacturer, is to ensure proper care of the cigars.


You can trust that as a certified Tobacconist we invest extensive time and resources to ensure we have only the cleanest water and proper climate control needed to maintain our cigars at the highest level of quality possible. We believe you will taste the difference.

“The best cigars shop around! Mr. Bell is very passionate and knowledgeable. Customer service is second to none! At Bell's, it doesn't matter if you're a doctor, lawyer, garbage man, or janitor - there you're treated as equals; like family.”

- Ninville Wayne Keith

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Cincinnati, OH 45249

  • Graycliff

  • H. Upmann

  • Kristoff

  • La Flor Dominicana

  • Macanudo

  • Montecristo

  • My Father Cigars

“The customer service and knowledge of cigars is impeccable! Plus, they roll their own cigars and they are awesome! I've tried their Jazzy, Escalade, and Ugly Duckling, and they are all awesome!”

- Richard Goodman

Rob Lee post

"You guys make an excellent smoke, having one now and it is fantastic! Really enjoying!"

- Rob Lee